We all know that Thanksgiving is going to look different this year. We may not be gathering with as many people as we usually do due to the coronavirus pandemic. Aunt Linda* might not be coming in from Michigan* (insert name and location of relative) due to the restrictions that are set in place by Gov. Cuomo.

Walmart wants to accommodate as many people as they can while still being realistic about how crazy this year has been. That's why they have decided to sell more smaller turkeys this year.

To make shopping, planning and preparing the meal easier, Walmart has committed to stocking a selection of smaller birds for the season. Although the retailer will still carry traditional, large turkeys, they are increasing the assortment available to include less-hefty turkeys, as well as 20-30% more bone-in and boneless turkey breasts in stores than they usually carry for Thanksgiving.

They started stocking up on the birds and hams and all of the sides that you might need for the holiday season around November 4th. Everything that you need is not only available in the store, but you can also order it online for car-side pickup and delivery is also available at select locations.

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What is your plan for Thanksgiving this year? Are you getting together with the same people you always do? Are you getting the same size turkey? Smaller? Bigger?

Remember back in the day when we didn't need to worry about wearing masks and being in public and being around the people that we love most? Yeah, me too.

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