Friday, May 28th is "National Hamburger Day" as we wrap up National Burger Month and head into grilling season. It's also a great way to get ready for the holiday weekend. Rain is in the forecast for Friday and Saturday but Sunday and Memorial Day Monday look good...If you don't mind temperatures in the 60's.

If you plan on grilling your burgers, you may want to get your propane now because there are reports that there may be a propane shortage (what another shortage) this summer and that could cause prices to skyrocket.

You know what that means...a run on propane which will cause a shortage, which will make this a self-fulfilling prophecy. Traci has a great story on the seven secrets that will make you a better griller.

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I have the eighth secret and that is to let someone who knows what they are doing handle it. If you are like me, grilling isn't your strong suit but you should do something. It's an unofficial fact (because I sort of made it up) that men like to grill because it involves danger, so what do I do?

I've found that hamburgers are pretty easy to make and I can keep my man card. Here's something that many people don't know, the way you like your hamburger says a lot about you.


What Your Burger Says About You

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend but don't forget the real reason for this holiday.

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