Diplo has brought nothing but straight-up heat this summer, from his killer Ellie Goulding collaboration with Major Lazer ("Powerful"), to his Jack Ü certifiable Song Of Summer with Justin Bieber ("Where Are Ü Now"), to sharing his spot-on thoughts about agism in pop music — and also Taylor Swift's crazy fans. But is he about to bring the action with Britney Spears next?

On July 28, the Major Lazer producer tweeted a little rhyme that has since sent Brit Brit fans in a bit of a tizzy: "i struggled for years.. now I'm doing doing bikram with britney spears."

OH! Interesting. But what does it all mean? Let's break it down.

POTENTIAL SITUATION A: Diplo was merely spitting out a random lyric about rising to fame that happened to rhyme "years" with "Spears," perhaps from some upcoming production he's working on.

POTENTIAL SITUATION B: Diplo is quite literally taking bikram yoga classes with Britney Spears, a known yoga enthusiast.

POTENTIAL SITUATION C: "Doing bikram" is the new way of saying "hitting the recording studio and producing straight fiya with Godney."

The collective fan thirst for Brit Brit's upcoming studio album — B9, if you will — is reaching an all-time dehydration level this summer, especially after the news of her recent studio sessions with DJ Mustard and Sam Bruno. And, to be fair, Diplo did just drop a bunch of hot records with Britney's BFF Madonna with Rebel Heart earlier this year. Also, this Instagram.

Is the tweet a hint of what's to come, insight into Diplo's superstar-filled fitness classes or just a random rhyme because Diplo? Guess you're just gonna have to wait and see.

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