Dip-etizers? Really? Is this where we're at in the United States of America's consumer world? Brand names intentionally misspelled. Does this drive anyone else crazy?

Apparently it does for some, for others not so much. After shopping at our favorite Central New York superstore, we asked for responses on Facebook, and here's what we got...

Eric Zirbel: "Like when I see Kountry or anything that ends with a 'z' like 'cutz.' Well, then, Eric, you'll appreciate the double whammy in the one below. Cheez AND Duoz.

Misspelled products-Cheezits duoz

Emily Dain: "Makes me CRAZY. I guess that is the English teacher and Grammar Goddess in me."

Joel Graham: "Froot Loops." Yep, that's probably where it all started, with the debut of the multi-colored cereal in 1963. Speaking of fruit...

Misspelled products-Lemi Shine

Lemi Shine. As in Let Me Shine. Or maybe a reference to the lemony goodness inside.

Beth pointed out it's "probably because there isn't any actual lemon in it." That doesn't explain Lemon Pledge, which doesn't have any actual lemon.

Former Utica mayor Tim Julian had a comment on Lemi Shine: "Endorsed by the lead singer of Motörhead"?

Well, (A) THAT Lemmy's not endorsing anything right now, Tim, because he died last year. And, (B) is your appreciation of Motörhead what got you elected?

While we're on Motörhead, our friend Allison Schad also hates rock bands who misspell their names, like Limp Bizkit and Korn.

Rick Sassone thinks all these products are just examples of great branding. Fair enough, Rick, but wouldn't Def Leppard have been just as successful if it were spelled correctly?



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