Growing up in Rome the holiday season was always special to me. I remember going to the Christmas tree lighting that would take place at the Fort. 

All the action would begin when the Daily Sentinel would have a photo of the large Christmas Tree, that was donated to the city, getting ready to settle in it's new home by The Fort. The night before the tree would come, my sisters and I would be responsible for planting the magic seed that would make the tree grow. My Dad would take us out and make sure the seed was planted in the ground, and the tree would grow.

Once the tree arrived, so did all of the other decorations around it. There was big gifts that would light up, words spelling out Christmas wishes, it was a wonderful sight to see when you drove into the city. Now this place has been replaced by the Visitors center at the Fort.

Some decorations still exist, over by the Police Station. You can find the Three little pigs homes, and some elves houses from the North Pole.

We would walk from my Grandparents home a few blocks away to the lighting. I remember running through the crowd to get as close as possible to the stage to see Santa land in a helicopter by the Fort. Usually he was escorted by the mayor, and Santa would officially light the tree by flipping a switch on stage. It was always an amazing night. Christmas in Rome, was always incredible.

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