You walk into the stores and see all of the Christmas decorations out for sale. This has really been the case since before Halloween, which to me is a little bit too soon.

I've seen a couple houses in Central New York that are already decorating for Christmas, some with trees in their windows, some just getting their outside decorations up, some with both.

I have some free time this weekend, and seeing all of these people with their decorations up made me question if it's too early for us to even put up decorations for a holiday that is more than a month away. We haven't even passed Thanksgiving yet - so although I do love Christmas, should I put up my decorations now? Will I get judged?

I wanted to get some opinions from you. So I took to Facebook to present the question: "Is it too early to put up Christmas decorations?" And I got just a few responses.....(actually, a lot.) Here are just a few:

Amanda Marie:  "Yes I feel it's too early! I feel like Christmas is shoved in our faces in October and more so right after Halloween ends. One holiday at a time!!"

Kim Murphy:  "No! If you want you can leave your decorations up all year!! My tree is up and decorated! Outside almost done! Running a little behind this year!!!!"

Brenda Marvets West: "I put my tree up Black Friday as i dont shop that day!"

Norma Smith: "No, my tree is up and the front of our home has a giant wreath up. Plus garland with lights is strung across the front porch. Why not Hallmark started Christmas movies 10 days ago."

Jennifer Gail Wendell: "Yes thanksgiving needs to get past then we could think about it . Last years christmas went up two days before and went down the day after christmas . I have no christmas and no christmas spirit again this year."

Trudy Berkman Nitti: "Christmas tree yes, but outside decorations are okay. I plan on putting mine out if the weather cooperates with no rain/snow."

RoBert J Miller: "yes; same people that will say they're sick of Christmas by the time it gets here. We don't start advertising and celebrating our birthdays 10 wks in advance. The holiday is the holiday; spreading it out takes away it's purpose."

Alexandria Anne Pelano: "Please don’t skip Thanksgiving!"

Laurie Terrier: "I put some outside decorations up today. I personally don’t like to freeze to death doing it."

I definitely agree with what everyone has to say. Although, a majority of the people who commented and reacted on the post think that it is NOT too early. I'm still questioning it for myself. Let us know what YOU think! Comment on the Facebook post above.

Happy Holidays!

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