The COVID-19 pandemic has obviously put a lot of different plans on hold for 2020, and is leaving many questioning what they'll be doing for the upcoming holiday. Some are still saying they're okay with bringing their kids out trick-or-treating, some say they'll remain home and find some creative ways to keep the kids entertained.

In the past, Brix Pizzeria in Dolgeville has been a community staple as a place to stop for trick-or-treating on Halloween. They previously have had some great treats for the kids and customers have been asking them frequently what their plan for the holiday looks like: will they be handing out candy? Will they be closed? The pandemic isn't stopping them from making the holiday a great one for the kiddos.

"As most of you know we try to hand out candy and have some extra goodies for the kids available. This year we will be continuing our tradition," the pizzeria said on their Facebook page.

"Bring the kiddos down in their costumes and we will have a special treat and some goodies available as well. Our plan is to create some sort of goodie bag along with a small activity for them. So regardless of your plans for Halloween always know we are here to do what we can to make Halloween special for your little ones each year. If anyone wants to help out or donate candy, please feel free or let us know. Thank you!"

The message from the shop came around the same time the New York State Department of Health released a list of do's and don'ts to follow for Halloween 2020.

"Governor Cuomo asks for your help to make sure everyone has a healthy and safe Halloween. Halloween celebrations and activities, including trick-or-treating, can be filled with fun, but must be done in a safe way to prevent the spread of COVID-19."

We have had a lot of questions about our plans for Halloween this year. As most of you know we try to hand out candy and...

Posted by Fueledby Brix on Thursday, October 22, 2020

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