Andrea from Oneida had a feeling her dog was special. After bringing him to a nursing home for a visit, she realized she was right.

Meet Teddy. Teddy is a very special and caring dog who has made a difference in the lives of residents at a Central New York nursing home. Andrea knew he was a unique dog, and he had the ability to make people feel happy, so she decided to sign him up to volunteer at a nursing home.

Teddy was able to make people feel better with his cute 'puppy-kisses' and letting the residents pet him. Andrea says,

 There was one woman who was especially sad and the nurses told me she hadn't smiled in days. With one loving look from Teddy, she started to smile. She even shared her ice cream with him and laughed when he licked her hand!

What a wonderful, heartwarming story - Andrea gave up her time so that Teddy could make other people's day brighter. Thank you Andrea for sharing your story and for letting your dog make a difference in the lives of others.

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