On National Bring Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day, parent across the United States are bring their kids to work. Unless those parents work in morning radio.

All I wanted to do was celebrate this great day with two of my kids. Like any mom, I envisioned a great morning where they'd hang out at the station, maybe say a few words on the air, and get snacks out of the vending machine. I mean, radio host is a pretty cool job, right? What kid wouldn't want to do that?

Yeah, right. 

I figured I'd try my middle daughter, Jill, since she's used to getting up earlier for school. She "respectfully declined" my invitation. Then I tried Jackson, my son. Things went even worse there, because he's a little grumpy early in the morning.

As usual, the best laid plans of moms always seem to go awry - the kids never want to play along with our plans for a super fun day. Am I the only one that happens to? Let me tell you - it really drives this mom crazy!

Maybe we should have brought the dogs. They would have loved to get snacks from the vending machine.

Are you bringing your kids to work for the big day? Or did they "respectfully decline" your invitation, too? 


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