This Sunday will be the 36th running of Utica's Boilermaker road race.  14,000 people from all over the country and the world have signed up for the 2013 Boilermaker.  Some tips to keep in mind for both spectators and runners on Sunday, July 14th.


Boilermaker/Mary MacEnroe

I sat down with Boilermaker Public Relations Director Mary MacEnroe and asked her what she's recommend people do and don't do for this year's Boilermaker.

Do's for the Boilermaker:

1.  Do fill out the back of the bib you're assigned.  It will let medical personnel know about any medical conditions you may have should you end up in the medical tent.

2.  Do make sure you wear the bib that's assigned to you with your name on it.  This is the only way the race organizers can identify you.  Again, nobody plans on being in the medical tent on race day, but things happen, so wear YOUR bib.  Don't switch bibs.

Boilermaker Road Race
Boilermaker/Mary MacEnroe

3.  Do enjoy the crowds cheering you along the 9.3 mile course.  They'll keep you going.  Plus, there's a ton of entertainment too.  The Refugee Center will entertain runners along the International Mile, which is from mile one to two.  Local bands will be playing, Lite 98.7 will be pumping out upbeat songs for the Boilermaker, local djs will be spinning the tunes and the bagpipers lead the way to the finish line near mile nine.

Boilermaker Road Race

4.  Do plan to get to the start early.  The ideal time to be there is around 7am.  That gives you plenty of time to line up for the portable toilets.  Remember, it takes a lot of time to line up 14,000 people.

Boilermaker Road Race
Boilermaker/Mary MacEnroe

5.   Do stay hydrated not just on race day but before the Boilermaker.  Avoid alcohol and caffeine.  Alcohol will dehydrate you and caffeine will make you go to the bathroom.  Both of those are issues you don't want to be dealing with during the race.

6.   Due to increased security this year,  do keep personal belongs in a clear plastic bag. This applies to those watching the race and those taking part in the Boilermaker.

7.  Do call 911 or tell a police officer if you see something suspicious.

8.  Do understand that your bags might be subject to search.  This is both  for Boilermaker participants and observers.

9  Do have fun, whether you're one of the wheelchair participants, runners or watching the race.  The Boilermaker is Central New York's largest event outside of the NY State Fair.

Boilermaker Road Race

Now for the Boilermaker don'ts:

1.  Don't carry personal belongings in anything other than a clear plastic bag.

2.  Don't wear someone else's bib.

3.  Don't wear headphones while running.  It'll make you hotter and you won't be able to hear directions.  It's for your safety and those around you too.

4.  Don't drink caffeine or alcohol before the race.

5.  Don't take water during the Boilermaker from unofficial water stops.  There are 22 official water sites along the course.  Use those.

6.  Don't go 9.3 miles without drinking water.   Stay hydrated during the race.

Boilermaker water stations

7.  Don't keep running if you don't feel well.  Let someone know you're not feeling well.  There are 25  aid stations on the Boilermaker course.  Look for the blue star.  The aid stations are typically near the water stations.

8.  Don't bring a cooler.  There are plenty of beverages provided by Pepsi and Saranac.  Did you know Saranac provides over 250 kegs?

9.  Don't bring your pets to the race.  It's too hot, too crowded and it's better for the safety of those around you not to have your pet there.

10.  Don't wear your bib number on your back.  Wear it on the front so they can take your picture.

11.  Don't plan on taking the last bus to the start line.  Get there with plenty of extra time.

12.  If you're a 15K  runner, don't go to the 5K start.  There's no way to get to the start of the 15K from there.

The Boilermaker is the 5th largest race in New York and the 3rd largest 15k in the US.  Have a great race on Sunday and if you're not running, get out and show those 14,000 runners how much spirit we have!

Boilermaker And Townsquare Media Supporting Flood Relief Efforts At The Boilermaker Post Race Party

Participants in this year's Boilermaker Post Race Party will have another opportunity to help support victims of the Mohawk Valley Flooding .


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