When you reach the southern end of Black River Boulevard where it meets East Dominick Street in downtown Rome, you'll see this barrage of signs.  But some of them are confusing.  And it does appear that all roads do lead to Rome.

Say you are not from the area and you want to get back to the New York State Thruway.  The blue sign has an arrow, but it points in the same direction as the arrows for Route 26 south, 49 east, 69 east and Route 365.  Do they all take you to the thruway?  Better think fast, the light will be turning green at any second.

The same holds true for the Oriskany Battlefield.  Do you want 365 or 49?  Or what if you go with 69 east or 26 south?  Those signs point in that direction as well.

And as for the Scenic Byway to the Central Adirondacks, You can probably rule out 26 south.  The Adirondack Mountains are north.

One more important thing to notice.  Before the light changes, take note of the R/R sign. Then, proceed with caution when you reach the train crossing.


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