If you're looking for a place to satisfy your sweet tooth, a new business in Clinton, New York might be the perfect place to do that. A new candy shop has opened.

Amity Messett, her husband, and their ten children relocated to the Central New York area after a job opportunity became available for her husband. Since their arrival, they've done quite a lot to leave a footprint on the area.

We also own Rainbow Cupboard at 4 College Street in Clinton that my family and I run together. We have been open as a plant retailer (air plants, houseplants, rare plants and cuttings plus super cool and unique happy findings) in that location for 2 years. Rainbow Cupboard started at farmer's markets and as an Etsy shop and grew to over 50k sales online and in shop in 2 years.

Now, she and her family have started a new business venture. It started as an idea of how to make the community of Clinton even better from a business perspective. The answer, in there eyes, was a candy store.

It's called Dreamy's Candy Shop and it's now serving customers at 11 West Park Row in Clinton after a seemingly difficult start.

We waited for space to open in the town of Clinton, and when the perfect spot opened we were so excited. I ordered the chocolate case immediately, and was told that would only be 8 weeks at the most. Supply chain issues due to COVID stretched that into 4 months- and without a refrigerated case I couldn't order chocolate-- so we were in limbo and paying on an empty space for almost 6 months before we opened.

The past year has been spent testing chocolates from different chocolatiers around the country, and after many many attempts at finding the best product, they are confident they did it.

We now carry 54 kinds of fine chocolates, unique retail candies, bulk candy such as salt water taffy, and our signature candy cubes filled with gummies to jelly beans to chocolate covered espresso beans.

The goal of both Dreamy's Candy Shop, and the Rainbow Cupboard are the same: "to create special moments and feelings, and do all of this in Clinton which has been so kind to our family."

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You can visit the shop in person yourself. They're open Wednesday through Saturday from noon to 6PM and on Sunday from 10AM to 2PM.

What's your favorite sweet treat? Candy? Chocolate? Let us know in our station app and help us give this new business a warm welcome.

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