Orbitz, the travel website has some interesting info in its latest study.

Using statistics gathered from travel searches and ticket and hotel bookings, Orbitz determined the most popular travel destination for the residents of each U.S. state--whether for business and/or pleasure. Some of the results are predictable, but there are more surprises than you might think, especially along the northern and southern borders of the United States. And New York State's result is a bit of a shocker. Here are some of the findings from Orbitz:

  • New York: United Arab Emirates. Perhaps the explanation here cold be numerous excursions between high-ranking diplomats.
  • Arizona: Despite being on the southern border of the U.S. and right above Mexico, the top destination for Arizonans is Canada
  • North Dakota & Minnesota: Even though they're just a stone's throw from Canada...it's Mexico for these two northern states.
  • Kentucky: England. Well, the University of Kentucky and the United Kingdom have the same initials (UK). Other than that, we've got nothing.
  • Missouri: Germany. This one is no surprise, really, due to the large population of German immigrants in the St. Louis area alone
  • Texas: India. Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas has aggressively pursued business connections between his state's interests and the burgeoning economy of India.

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