Are you looking for your family to get a visit from the Easter Bunny before Easter? Well don't be shy and enjoy some breakfast here in Central New York.

The firefighters of the Stittville Fire Department are bring the famous bunny to town  for breakfast on Sunday, March 24th 8:30AM - Noon. Come enjoy a delicious breakfast and visit when the Easter Bunny arrives at 9AM. with EB! Enjoy pancakes, french toast, scrambled eggs and more.

Dine in or take out! Adults $10, Children 3 years and older $7. Under 3 Free."

You can learn more on Facebook here.

Every year, as spring breathes life into the land, the Easter Bunny embarks on a journey to Central New York, spreading joy and delight along the way. With a boundless energy matched only by the anticipation of children awaiting his arrival, the Easter Bunny hops through forests and fields, over hills and streams, guided by a map etched in his heart and the whispers of blooming flowers. From his secret burrow nestled in the verdant countryside, he sets forth under the shimmering moonlight, his basket brimming with colorful eggs and sweet treats. Along the journey, he pauses to admire the awakening landscapes, where daffodils sway in the gentle breeze and robins sing melodies of hope. As dawn paints the sky in hues of rose and gold, the Easter Bunny arrives in Central New York, ready to sprinkle magic and happiness into every home, a timeless symbol of renewal and rebirth.


Easter Bunny Tracker

Each year the Easter Bunny leaves Easter Island on Easter Eve and brings cheer to kids around the globe. How can you track him? With the Easter Bunny Tracker! According to the tracker, The Easter Bunny often makes his appearance in your hometown between 9PM and midnight on Easter Eve.

While the Easter Bunny is on the move during Easter, the Easter Bunny Tracker will tell you in real-time, the precise location of the Easter Bunny using a sophisticated system that involves radar, satellites, Easter Bunny Helpers, and more high-tech technologies"

You can learn more here.

New York Home of Easter Bunny Goes Viral

We found out where the Easter Bunny lives. It's in New York.

The Remax home listing in Rochester quickly went viral after pictures were posted with Peter Cottontail.

Gallery Credit: Credit - Polly McAdams

Easter Hams: Where to Get the Best in Upstate New York

The butcher shops and smokehouses of Upstate New York are particularly busy right now. Easter is traditionally a "ham day" and these places, from the Hudson Valley to the Adirondacks to the Buffalo area, are ready with a ham just for you. These are 10 of the most wonderful meat markets, Polish and German butcher shops, and smokehouses, in our Upstate region producing some of the best, award-winning smoked hams (and other Easter products) you will ever taste.

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio



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