Easter is almost here, only a few more weeks. If you have little ones, going to see the Easter Bunny is a magical experience.

Much like Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny only makes appearances during a very small portion of the year. Last year and the year prior, the appearances were even fewer due to the ways of the world and COVID-19. Well, as regulations lift, the bunny is hopping back and back to a location we all are fond of.

Hopping On Back To New Hartford

easter holiday
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While last year you did have the opportunity to go see them throughout Central New York, Sangertown Square in New Hartford was a place sadly this joyous rabbit was absent. Not for this Easter Season though, on April 1st, the bunny is hopping it's way back and is excited about it.

One Thing Is Just Slightly Different

Easter bunny watching the egg hunt
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That would be that Sangertown Square is encouraging highly that if you want to visit the Easter Bunny, that you make reservations ahead of time. They do, however, say that walk ups are of course happening as space will allow. Even though Easter in 2022 is much different from how we approached things in 2021, health and safety is still of the utmost importance.

Want to make a reservation?

Easter composition in pastel colors with eggs and rabbit ears

Just click here and one can be made. Is your next question, how much does it cost to visit this magical bunny? Prices will be between $34.99 & $44.99 depending on which package you choose.

For all things Easter Bunny related at Sangertown Square, please visit Sangertown.com or Sangertown on any of their social media accounts to find out.

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