An affordable children's clothing option in Central New York will soon be no more after 7 years.

Clothing isn't cheap. Let's face it. Nothing is nowadays. And with prices rising on just about everything, everyone is looking to save on anything, anywhere they can. Especially when it comes to clothes for children who grow out of them so fast. Why spend an arm and a leg on something they'll only wear half a year if you're lucky? That's why many parents shop at consignment shops. Unfortunately, there's one less option.

Ella's Room, a children's consignment shop and boutique in Rome, is closing its doors.

We have made the difficult decision to close Ella’s storefront after 7 years of business.

The store will close on Wednesday, August 31. But there is some good news. You can still buy items on the Ella's Room Facebook page or at

The mother-daughter team that started Ella's Room as a place for families to find affordable, quality second-hand clothing, wants to see their dream continue. They have put the store up for sale and hope someone keeps it alive. "It is truly a priceless asset that will be missed by many. If you have the equity and the motivation to own and operate your own business, contact us or stop in during regular business hours for more information."

To our loyal consignors:
Thank you for supporting us. We will be contacting you after closing to pickup any unsold merchandise. We appreciate your support.

If you're looking for affordable kid's clothing to get ready for back to school, there are a few other consignment stores in New Hartford. Once Upon a Child in the Crossroads Plaza and Kidding Around on Oneida Street. You can also find a selection of kid's clothing at the Rescue Mission of Utica – Thread of Life Thrift Store on Oriskany Boulevard.

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