Hollywood has seen its fair share of movies where man attempts to conquer nature, only to find himself thoroughly humbled. Everest looks to continue that trend, putting one of the best ensembles in recent memory smack-dab in the middle of Mother Nature’s wrath. As the title implies, the film deals with an expedition up the world’s tallest mountain going oh-so-horribly wrong. As the trailer shows us, an Everest expedition going wrong looks like an incredible movie.

Directed by Baltasa Kormakur (2 Guns), the film separates itself from other mountain climbing thrillers in a key way. Going up the mountain isn’t the source of conflict or adventure here – going down is going to be what tests everyone’s mettle. Heck, if the trailer is any indication, the journey to the peak will be downright cuddly in comparison to what transpires when this team of expert climbers and brave tourists attempt the return trip. It all looks very intense, slick and well crafted. Most importantly, it looks like the ideal combination of CGI and real people on real mountains doing real mountain things.

The cast includes movie stars like Jake Gyllenhaal (rocking a great beard), sublime character actors like John Hawkes (playing the totally normal guy on the expedition), and the unclassifiable Jason Clarke (getting a chance to actually use his real Australian accent). There’s also Josh Brolin, Robin Wright and Keira Knightley, because yes, this film decided to set out to cast every actor you like. There’s also Sam Worthington.

Everest opens in theaters on September 18.

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