Take an insider's look underground Rochester inside the abandoned Rochester Subway and the tunnels at University of Rochester.

Rochester Subway

Rochester, like several upstate cities, doesn't have quite the robust populations they had at the end of the 1800s. Back at the turn of the last century, the growing, prospering city of Rochester devised a subway system like their downstate neighbor New York City. The Rochester subway was abandoned in the 1950s after 4 decades of use. The subway tunnels still exist and an urban explorer shared an exploration on YouTube.

University of Rochester

Like many universities in cold weather locations, there are tunnels underneath the University of Rochester. Blogger Chris Clemens, who maintains the very interesting Exploring Upstate website recently wandered down into the University of Rochester's underground tunnels.

The tunnels are now closed to student access but were

developed in the 1920’s when Strong Memorial Hospital opened, but the tunnels under the River City Campus of the University weren’t developed until the 1930’s. Over time as the campus developed, the tunnel system was expanded to include those ‘pedestrian-purposed only’ tunnels and at one point students could walk from Strong Memorial Hospital over to the University’s River City Campus and reach nearly all the buildings without even seeing daylight.

Check out Chris's wonderful photo essay through the tunnel system.