'Tis the season for holiday sweaters. Whether they're ugly or impressive is all in the eyes of the beholder.

And now your ugly sweater can pay off. Alaska Airlines is celebrating National Ugly Holiday Sweater Day (December 15th) by offering early boarding to anyone wearing one that day.

Some Central New Yorkers have great sweaters they can use. We need to look no further than some of the colleagues in our own radio group. Naomi Lynn, from the midday show on Lite 98.7, made a big impression with her boyfriend Luke at last year's office Holiday party:

Credit: Naomi Lynn/TSM

Dave Wheeler, who works for other stations at our broadcast company, has an entire COLLECTION of holiday sweaters. Here's one more:


We love the sexy pose. Wheels claims it was a tradition in his family long before it became A THING--the holiday sweaters, that is, not the sexy pose.

Feel free to send in more of YOUR best/worst holiday sweaters for an updated post in the future. And good luck with that early boarding on Alaska Airlines.


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