If you love taking in the splendor of the foliage in Upstate New York, fall 2021 may be a disappointment for you.

AIt is always a bummer when summer in Upstate New York comes to end, but everything the first half of autumn has to offer really softens the blow. Seasonal fall beers, apple picking, and comfortable, crips weather make the harvest season really enjoyable. But this year one thing we love about fall could look a little different. And it is all because of warmer than average temperatures in the months ahead.

According to the Weather Channel, the higher temps can cause the autumn leaves to actually change color early and when they do change, those colors may not last as long. The report says this temperature shift will be most noticeable in the Northeast and Southwest United States.

So while we will have foliage to take in this year, the time we have to enjoy it will most likely be condensed and it will be important to keep an eye on New York's foliage report so you are aware when those color changes will shift so you do not miss out on peak viewing.

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