Why do audiences turn out in droves for epically proportioned blockbusters every summer? Is it for the ten-stories-tall feeling of spectacle, that rush of pure cinematic thrill that every cinephile spends their whole life chasing? To escape the mundanities of everyday life and turn to a plane where all is entertaining, orderly, rational, and tightly edited? Or perhaps it’s to have an emotional response — to cry, to scream, to laugh? If you said any variation on these answers, you are incorrect, because audiences go to movies in the hopes of seeing Jeff Goldblum say, “Oh my God.” And so I come bearing good news about the latest TV spot for the upcoming Independence Day: Resurgence. Jeff Goldblum says “Oh my God.”

Unfortunately, a lot of movies do not contain Jeff Goldblum. Audiences may attend them anyway, in the hopes that Jeff Goldblum will make an unexpected surprise appearance without much prior promotion, like Kevin Spacey in Seven, but alas, Jeff Goldblum doesn’t show up. More disappointing still, a lot of the movies in which Jeff Goldblum does appear do not even feature him saying the words “Oh my God.” Grand Budapest Hotel, for instance — you get your ticket with the full knowledge that Jeff Goldblum will be present in the film, spend the entire time waiting patiently for him to say “oh my God,” and then nothing. Imagine the disappointment.

But if nothing else, the spot above confirms beyond all debate that Jeff Goldblum will indeed say “oh my God” in Independence Day: Resurgence. It looks like there will also be aliens and It Follows star Maika Monroe and Brett Spiner and Bill Pullman an entire city getting slowly lifted off the ground, but mostly, Jeff Goldblum will say, “Oh my God.”

Jeff Goldblum says “Oh my God” in Independence Day: Resurgence on June 24.

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