Perhaps you've seen the clip on YouTube that alleges the Fox TV series 'Family Guy' predicted the Boston Marathon Explosion.  Watch both the hoax clip and the actual sequence from the episode.

These clips were taken from an episode called 'Turban Cowboy' which originally aired on March 17, just shy of a month before the marathon bombing.

Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane has spoken out about the controversy and described those who attempted to make a connection by splicing together different scenes in the episode 'abhorrent.'

Another Seth McFarlane series, American Dad, has also been pointed out in having a scene prescient of the bombings.

NOTE - these pieces of animation may be offensive at this time.  
Also these clips are being removed with some regularity by YouTube due to copyright claims by MGM. We'll do our best to keep up with the clips - but if you run into a bum link, that's the reason.


As the episode originally aired

The Argument For 'Family Guy' Not Being a Hoax

The argument for Family Guy's 'Turban Cowboy' episode being an accurate prediction of the attacks states that even though the clips are edited together, the fact that they appeared out of sequence in the same episode proves the clip is not a hoax.  From the Alex Jones backed Prison Planet/Info Wars.  Here is the counter claim:

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