Will you be hitting the road or the friendly skies for some Thanksgiving traveling?  Not as many Americans will be joining you.  According to AAA, fewer Americans are expected to travel this Thanksgiving.44.3 million Americans are expected to travel for the Thanksgiving holiday, with 90% of them traveling by car.  Last year, 44 million Americans traveled at least fifty miles from their home.  CNN reports that the number of people driving and flying this year is also down from 2012.

The Thanksgiving holiday travel window AAA uses runs from Wednesday, November 27th to Sunday, December 1st.

With fewer people traveling, there's a bright side for those who are.  Lower gas prices.  AAA says they'll be at their lowest level for Thanksgiving since 2010 and we probably will see gas below 3 bucks in most states.

What are the busiest travel days for Thanksgiving travel by car?  The day before Thanksgiving is the busiest, followed by Sunday when everyone is heading back home.

As for Thanksgiving travel by air, Sunday, December 1st is going to be the busiest one and the Wednesday before Thanksgiving will be the second busiest at the airports.

Are you going to be traveling for Thanksgiving?

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