Not only is the Syracuse University grad getting a nomination at the Golden Globes, but also the main actors are nominated too.

Easily one of the most famous New Yorkers from about 70 years ago would have been Lucille Ball. With the fame and fortune that came her way from the ever-popular TV show, 'I Love Lucy', there weren't many more New Yorkers on TV with her fame. Fast forward to 2021 and there is a biopic that just came into theaters showcasing her life.

The film has a few heavy-hitter actors and actresses, most notably is Nicole Kidman playing the role of Lucille Ball. The movie itself is getting decent reviews and can be seen across Central New York in theaters. If you prefer to wait, 'Being The Ricardos' will be available to stream later on this month on Amazon Prime.

Aaron Sorkin is a name that maybe you haven't heard before, although he has directed quite a few big films recently. Last year he received a few nominations for the Netflix film 'Trial of The Chicago 7' and actually won with that film at the Golden Globes for Best Screenplay. Again, that is what Sorkin's film 'Being The Ricardos' is up for this year at the prestigious award show.

Other notable films Sorkin has been tied to include 'A Few Good Men', 'The Social Network', 'Moneyball', 'Steve Jobs', 'Charlie Wilsons War', and 'Enemy of The State' to name a few.

Sorkin began attending Syracuse Univerisity in 1979 and eventually would graduate from the school with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Musical Theater. Obviously, he has put that degree to good use.

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