That's right, if you're a Sprint user, the company is tricking out select new Windows and Android phones this year with an FM radio chip and when combined with the NextRadio tuner app, you'll finally be able to listen to ANY of your local radio stations (not just those that stream, like us!) in real time on your phone!




I've been a Verizon guy since I got my first pager (yeah, so 1997, right?) and then that StarTAC flip-phone, and I'm happy with my carrier, but AT&T got my attention back when they were the only iPhone and 4G option, and now Sprint has given me a reason to look in their direction too. This is exciting news and the first of it's kind because even though some stations (ahem, us) stream, this will turn your phone into an actual radio. Streaming is cool, but one major disadvantage is it's always on a minute or two delay, so it's not in real-time. There are also huge safety advantages here too as ANY radio station is accessible to you especially in disaster or emergency situations.

With the NextRadio tuner – expected to be available later in 2013 – Sprint customers would enjoy a wide range of interactive listener features not available today and would have the availability of local FM radio at their fingertips to access all forms of broadcast information. Demonstrations of NextRadio will be offered at booth 9033 in the Central hall during CES.

Fared Adib, senior vice president, product development and operations at Sprint, stated, “We look forward to bringing Sprint customers another entertainment choice through NextRadio. This new, easy-to-use service adds another dimension to the versatility of our wide array of smartphones and will deliver a new avenue for thousands of local radio stations across the country to reach our customers.”

It's only a matter of time before this technology goes mainstream and spills into the other carriers, but Sprint can now have the bragging rights that they were the trailblazers... but in the meantime, keep listening to us on your Radiopup app!

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