Six Utica Firefighters and one Utica Police officer are receiving honors from the city for their heroic work during a fire at Adrean Terrace.

On February 22nd, crews responded to an apartment that had caught fire with 4 year-old Halima Haji inside. Haji was lifeless when she was carried from the building, but is now back home with her family after less than two weeks in the hospital.

Councilman Joe Marino says during tomorrow night's Council Meeting, he will present sealed proclamations of recognition to the firefighters and police officer.

"These men and women do not expect accolades of commendations for the service they provide, in fact they have said it repeatedly that this is simply their job, but the fact is, they are true hero's (sic) of our community and they deserve a rousing ovation for their actions...," Marino wrote in a statement.

Among those receiving honors are Firefighters Jeff Baranowski, Brian Bova, Jessica Caulkins, Fred DeCarlo, Captain Scott Ingersoll, Marc Manno and Dominick Meyers. The police officer being honored is Kieth Phillips.

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