LMFAO created a monster with ‘Sexy and I Know It.’ In fact, the hyper-catchy, super silly song now has one first grader singing “I’m suspended and I know it.”

An Aurora, Colo. first grade student, D’Avonte Meadows, was suspended from school for sexual harassment after he recited the lyrics to ‘Sexy and I Know It’ to a fellow classmate in the lunch line. Wtf?!

D’Avonte’s mom is pretty unhappy with the school board’s decision to suspend her son. “I could understand if he was fondling her, looking up her skirt, trying to look in her shirt. That, to me, is sexual harassment,” D’Avonte’s mom, Stephanie Meadows, told Denver’s 7News. “I’m just, I’m floored. They’re going to look at him like he’s a pervert. And it’s like, that’s not fair to him.”

Stephanie Meadows admits that D’Avonte had discipline problems before with the same girl … and the same song. She previously met with school administrators when D’Avonte was reproached for singing the hit track and “shaking his booty” near the girl’s face. Meadows said she’s going to make sure her song doesn’t “shake anything” in anyone’s face, adding, “I’m going to definitely have to sit with him and see if he understands exactly what the song means.”

School administrators weren’t pleased with D’Avonte’s misbehavior, but wouldn’t comment on it specifically. The district’s media relations expert, Paula Hans, released the following statement:

“Aurora Public Schools is committed to providing equitable learning for all students. We have policies and protocol in place to prevent any disruption to the learning environment. Due to privacy laws, we are unable to discuss appropriate disciplinary consequences about a specific student.”

“I think it’s kind of overwhelming. You know, sexual harassment on a 6-year-old?” Meadows said. “I don’t understand. You know, kids are kids.”

Watch D’Avonte Talk About Being Suspended for Singing ‘Sexy and I Know It’

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