We're quite a few weeks into fall in Central New York, it was only a matter of time before snow started showing up on our weather forecasts...

But for a lot of us, it's still a bummer to see.

Sometimes, we're just not ready for the snowflakes.

Luckily, for those of us in the Utica and Rome area (and lower elevations), we're not talking about snow that's going to be sticking around, or a snowstorm, or anything like that. That would be pretty crazy, right?!

Nope, we're just talking about the first time for the fall 2018 season that "snow showers" are actually being mentioned in the forecast (for Utica and Rome). We may not even get those snowflakes! But, if you are someone who gets excited for snow or you have little ones, they may be excited to see a few white flecks fall from the sky.

According to the National Weather Service out of Binghamton, the first mention of "snow" for the Utica/Rome area (for this season), is Wednesday night. We're expecting a low of 30-degrees that night, so what starts off as rain showers could mix with snow showers after midnight.

UPDATE: The National Weather Service out of Binghamton is also calling for a slight chance of snow showers Thursday morning, and a slight chance of rain and snow showers for Thursday afternoon. A high temperature of ONLY 40-degrees is expected that day.

Whiteface Mountain has already seen the fluffy white stuff falling from the sky, and so has many other places in higher elevations. But for us in the lower areas, we've missed it...So far...

Of course, the ground is still too warm in our area that even if we do get a few snowflakes, they won't be sticking, and there wouldn't be enough to "pile up," either. But it is a reminder of what's to come. We're well into fall, and before we know it winter will be here, and that "snow" in the forecast will be more about "inches of snowfall," and not "flakes."

Whether you love winter or hate it, and whether you love the snow or can't stand it, it's coming.




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