The bizarre trend of crazy Floridians making headlines in criminal, embarrassing (and often hilarious) fashion has infiltrated the Empire State. It actually spawned an Internet game we reported on back in March.

And no, this one does NOT involve an alligator. A naked man was arrested Saturday after allegedly breaking into a downtown building in the New York State capital of Albany. He had a field day, pulling fire alarms, using a fire extinguisher, and causing damage to an office. Porter G. Denson Jr., 34, from the town of Davenport (about an hour south of Orlando) had no apparent motive or reason for his outrageous acts of vandalism.

When police arrived at the building to respond to the alarm, they discovered damage to the basement office and an empty fire extinguisher. They also found the suspect's clothing and picture ID, then found him nearby and running naked on the street.

Denson was slapped with burglary and criminal mischief charges, both felonies, and sent to local jail. His bail was set at $1,500, so that's all that's preventing him from reuniting with his home in the Sunshine State.

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