The Weather Channel and the Climate Prediction Center, two reputable resources in the weather forecasting game, agree with Buster Poindexter: it's going to be hot hot hot this summer in the northeast, including Central New York.

In fact, the entire East AND West coasts are in for it, while the middle of the United States will be cooler than average. And, after the winter we've just had here, we say bring it on. Also: no crying about the heat once it kicks in.

So, expect June, July and August to be beach-, golf-, and picnic-friendly. One of the main reasons? A weak El Niño weather pattern, which has a 65% chance of lasting through the summer, may affect both U.S. coasts.

As for the midwest, the recent flooding will contribute to cooler temperatures there, because saturated soil generally lowers air temps.

How much stock should we take in this forecast? Well, at this time in 2018, The Climate Prediction Center called for a warmer summer, and that’s what it was--about 1 degree above normal. In addition, Central New York had its most humid summer since the early 1970s.

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