If you are a former employee of the now deserted Rome Cable company you may be eligible to receive a cash award.

According to a letter from a New York City law firm, several employees may receive compensation as a result of a class act lawsuit filed against the company for violation of the WARN Act. It is alleged Rome Cable failed to give its employees 60 days notice before shutting down. The WARN Act passed by Congress in 1988 is to protect workers from mass layoff violations.

In the letter it states that 265 out of 293 former employees have been located and notified of the settlement. The law firm of Lankenau & Miller, LLP are reaching out to try and find the remaining parties to share in the over $400,000 settlement. The letter is dated on January 12th, 2017. If the eligible people do not make contact to the law office 45 days from January 12th, the remaining balance from the award will be donated charity.

If you know one of the following people, or are one of these people contact Lankenau & Miller, LLP at (212) 581-5005. You can email any additional questions to Stuart Miller at sjm@lankmill.com. These individuals MUST call in order to receive their money.

Richard Dixon
John Fitsik
Etanislao Garcia
Daryl Kingery Sr.
Larry Misiaszek
Jaroslaw Opozda
Eugene Secor
Kevin Valentine

There are several others who have since passed and the law firm is seeking the next of kin for those people. If you may have any possible information about those families you can contact them as well.

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