Fort Rickey Discovery Zoo of Rome New York is now selling a line of handmade goat milk soap.

After COVID-19 hit in 2020, the zoo started brainstorming ways to generate revenue and keep their animals fed. That's when owner Rebecca Stedman turned to something her family has been making for years- goat milk soap.

“We know it’s a good product, and we’re ready to share it,” she said.

Made from Fort Rickey’s own doe goats, a bar of soap is going for $5 each plus shipping and tax."

According to the Rome Sentinel, Fort Rickey has been building up a stock pile of goat milk all year long. They would pasteurize it, freeze it, and then use it to build a good supply of soap. The only ingredients are the milk, saponified natural oils that are good for the skin, and essential oils for scents.

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Currently the zoo is just selling soap, but in the future their have been discussions on the possibility of selling lotions and more:

“We may look into lotions and lip balms, but the product we know and love and highly recommend is the soap,” Stedman said. “And all of them are made with natural ingredients and aren’t watered down.”

You can buy your goat soap online for $5 plus shipping and taxes.

The Fort Rickey mama goats are pleased to be part of this amazing product!! Handmade right here on the farm! We've been using our own soap for years and the benefits we've seen in the condition of our skin has been incredible. We are ready to share that with you!! All natural blend of goat milk, oils, lye, and scented with only pure essential oils, you'll love what our Mama goats did! All proceeds go toward the expense of feeding our moms and babies."

You can visit their website for more info.

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