The third time really is the charm. The Little Free Pantry that helps feed those less fortunate in Oneida, New York has been vandalized again. But this time the jerks were caught on camera.

The Little Free Pantry in Higginbotham Park on Farrier Avenue is a self-serve free food source for people in need. Need an item, help yourself. Have extra, drop it off. But vandals continually damage the pantry.

Oneida City Police were called on January 24 after the pantry was broken again. "This incident is at least the third time the pantry has been vandalized in the last two years."

The last time the pantry was destroyed the security camera wasn't working. This time it was and caught three on camera.

Credit - Oneida City Police Dept. via Facebook
Credit - Oneida City Police Dept. via Facebook

After a comprehensive investigation, Oneida Police arrested 23-year-old Timothy Hess and 19-year-old Devin Geary, both of Oneida. They were charged with Criminal Mischief.


The City of Oneida Police Department would like to thank all members of the community who invest and contribute to projects like the Little Free Pantry. Resources such as the Little Free Pantry exemplify what the Oneida community stands for.

Police encourage anyone who witnesses any suspected crime occurring, or has information about a past crime, to please call (315) 363-2323 to report it.

It's nice to hear the heartless jerks have been caught this time. Let's just hope they get more than a slap on the wrist for their senseless vandalism that hurts the most vulnerable in their own community. A week serving the homeless at a community food kitchen may be in order.

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