Prepare to freeze your shillelagh off at Utica's Saint Patrick's Day parade. The forecast for the big day is looking pretty chilly.

When the parade begins at Oneida Square at 10am, temperatures are predicted to be in the teens, but with the wind chill, it'll feel more like the single digits. Maybe this calls for a pre-parade hot toddy - or a few extra layers. 

If you're going to be out there participating in the parade - or watching - make sure you're dressed in layers. This is especially important if you're planning on bringing kids out along the parade route. It's especially important that kids protect their extremities by wearing hats and gloves. says you should put several layers of clothing on your child and make sure their head, neck and hands are covered. Dress babies and young children in one more layer than an adult would wear.

While temperatures will improve as the day goes on, remember that you may not feel AS cold if you've been enjoying a few alcoholic beverages, so keep yourself safe. 


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