After one day at Ft Drum, SGT Brandon Hinman has been ordered back to his wife Jenna's bedside. He's been with his family since Jenna gave birth prematurely, to their twin daughters and began her fight from a rare pregnancy related cancer. The military extended Brandon's leave so he'll be able to continue devoting all of his time and energy to Jenna and their twin girls.

Ft Drum Statement:

'SGT Hinman was required to report to his unit here on Fort Drum (April 22) to ensure required administrative actions were properly attended to. His current place of duty is with his family, and his Commander will continue to monitor the situation to
ensure that both his requirements to his unit, and his family during this crisis, are met.

The entire Fort Drum and 10th Mountain Division community is proud of Mrs. Hinman's heroic battle against her terrible disease, and we all are looking forward to the day she can call that battle won.'

Brandon is not only appreciative to the military for allowing him to be where he needs to be right now, but also to the thousands following Jenna's progress on Prayer's For Jenna Facebook page.

'To the Prayers for Jenna community, words cannot describe the amount of compassion you all have shown myself and family. When I say ‘thank you’ I want everyone to know that I mean it from the bottom of my heart. When something this horrific happens to your family, especially your spouse, the world changes in the blink of an eye. The 200,000 plus people that are following Prayers for Jenna and all the other people around the world that have shown your support to my family should truly feel proud of yourselves. You have shown the world that compassion for your fellow man is still alive today. On the news we only ever see the destruction/evil men can do but your response to my family’s crisis has shown each and every one of us that there is still good out there.'

The public was outraged when Hinman first returned to Ft Drum Tuesday, thinking he was back full time. Many posted their anger on Facebook before realizing the military extended his leave.

Jenna's recovery is slow and steady. She's no longer on a respirator but is on full life support with a tracheotomy. Jenna continues physical therapy and gets stronger every day. We pray for the day she can go home to be the mother she was meant to be for Azlynn and Kinleigh.

Brandon Hinman