This past weekend loyal 'Game of Thrones' fans flocked to West 57th Street in midtown Manhattan in order to get a chance to gain admission to the traveling exhibit that was created by both Time Warner Cable and HBO. This exhibit, which opened on March 28th and runs until April 3rd, is a fan's dream: costumes worn by major characters such as Cersei Lannister and Danaerys Targaryen; props, including the famous Hound's helm; an interactive experience that allows fans to shoot arrows in the Battle of the Blackwater Bay and of course, a photo opportunity on the Iron Throne!

If you weren't lucky enough to gain admission to the 'Game of Thrones' exhibit during its stop in NYC, never fear! Check out our exclusive photos of the awesome displays and feel as if you too had journeyed to Westeros.

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    Fan Art Galore

    Amanda Ferris

    When you first enter the 'Game of Thrones' exhibit, you are greeted by a wall of fan art that was submitted to TWC and HBO and features representations of characters such as Danaerys, Tywin Lannister and Arya Stark. We have to say, there's a lot of very talented artists out there who adore 'Game of Thrones.'

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    And Here's Drogon!

    Amanda Ferris

    This was probably our favorite part of the exhibit, because after all, who doesn't want to come face-to-face with a life-sized replica of Drogon, the largest of the three dragons? The detail on this prop is incredible, and if it wasn't for the eyes, we'd swear up and down that we were staring at a real dragon. Too bad we couldn't keep Drogon and take the Iron Throne (or at least that good parking space at the office) with fire and blood.

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    Gotta Love the Weaponry

    Amanda Ferris

    Like any good nerds, we were drooling over the weaponry used in 'Game of Thrones.' On display was a direwolf shield used by a soldier sworn to House Stark and Ned's Valyrian steel sword 'Ice.' We were also drawn to 'Longclaw,' the sword gifted to Jon Snow by the Lord Commander of the Night's Watch. And, of course, who wouldn't want to try on the infamous snarling canine helm of Sandor 'The Hound' Clegane? Unfortunately, it was behind a glass case. (Also the security guard kind of looked like The Hound.)

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    Chess Pieces and Maester's Chains, a Winning Combination

    Amanda Ferris

    Aside from the weaponry, the exhibit also featured smaller props such as the chess pieces used by both the Starks and Lannisters to plan their battles in Seasons One and Two, as well as a Maester's chain, which can be seen on supporting characters such as Maester Luwin of Winterfell.

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    The Hand of the King Pin Has Got to Be Cursed

    Amanda Ferris

    Of course, what 'Game of Thrones' exhibit would be complete without showing off some of the jewelry that was used on the show? We loved being able to see the 'Hand of the King' pin that was worn by Ned Stark, Jon Arryn, Tyrion Lannister and now Tywin Lannister. They also had Sansa's doll from Season One as well as the lion sigil pendent Cersei Lannister proudly wears to honor her family and her House.

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    Winter Fashions for a House That Adores the Cold Weather

    Amanda Ferris

    We were also able to get a good look at the main costumes worn by the family members of House Stark in Season One. It's amazing to see how tiny Bran (Isaac Hempsted-Wight) was during the first season in comparison to how tall he is now. Arya's (Maisie Williams) costume was also on display and showed off her tomboy nature; another cool aspect of this part of the exhibit was that they had videos interviewing both the actors and the costume designers about how they came up with the designs for House Stark and how comfortable the actors felt wearing them. It provided a fascinating window into how the costumes went from being sketches to the real deal.

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    The Beloved Eggs of the Mother of Dragons

    Amanda Ferris

    Aside from being able to gawk at a life-sized replica of Drogon, fans were also able to get a chance to see two dragon egg props that were used in the first season. (The third one had been given to 'A Song of Ice and Fire' author George R. R. Martin as a gift and so could not be included in the exhibit.) We wish that someone would give us dragon eggs as a gift for either our birthdays or holidays. How about making replica eggs we can buy online, HBO?

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    Wilding Fashion Beyond The Wall

    Amanda Ferris

    The exhibit also showcased the costumes of both the Night's Watch and the Wildlings. Jon Snow, Ygritte and Mance Rayder's costumes were on display as well as smaller clothing and props including a face mask so the Free Folk can keep warm and furry shoes that look like something a Hobbit would wear.

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    Nothing Says Vicious Guard Dog Like a Direwolf

    Amanda Ferris

    Who doesn't love the direwolves, especially Ghost? When we saw the different figurines and merchandise on display, we just had to snap a close-up of Jon Snow's ferocious white direwolf. Not that the replicas of Dany and Drogon or the Iron Throne paperweight weren't cool, but look at how awesome that figurine is! Now Ghost is our idea of a protective watchdog--where do we sign up to purchase a pet direwolf?

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    House Lannister: A Vision in Red and Gold

    Amanda Ferris

    The exhibit also proudly displayed the costumes worn by Cersei, Tywin and Tyrion Lannister. The details on Cersei's red gown are absolutely incredible and we noticed that it had embroidered lions on each side, which is something most fans would miss while watching at home. Tywin and Tyrion's armor is exquisitely made and we can only imagine how long it took the props department to create them. They are honestly works of art and we have to give kudos to the costume designer for their stunning designs.