State Senators Peter Oberacker and Fred Akshar are introducing legislation to provide New York consumers immediate relief at the gas pump.

The New York Gas Tax Relief Act would suspend the state’s gas tax until September 1 in an effort to combat the increased gas prices that have burdened New Yorkers over the past two years and have escalated even higher in recent weeks.

“Driving to work, the grocery store, the doctor, or to pick up the kids from any number of locations is a reality of life where we live,” said Senator Oberacker.  “Higher gasoline costs are a constant budget burden and the price at the pump is on the rise again due to a number of factors.  Fortunately, Albany has the ability to offer immediate relief by suspending the state gas tax.”

Included in the Gas Tax Relief Act is a measure that would ensure gas tax collections are directed to the state’s Dedicated Highway and Bridge Trust Fund,

AAA Northeast
AAA Northeast

According to AAA Northeast, New York's average price is up 46 cents from last week to $4.26 a gallon.

This week’s prices is only four-cents lower than the highest ever recorded by AAA in July of 2008 and is 68 cents higher that a month ago.

In the Utica-Rome area, the average price is $4.21 a gallon, which is up 41 cents from last week.

New York’s average gas price 20 cents higher than the national average.


Current Price*

One Week AgoOne Month AgoOne Year Ago
New York State$4.26$3.80$3.58$2.83
Utica, NY$4.21$3.80$3.63$2.84

*Prices as of March 7, 2022

The AAA Gas Prices website is your resource for up-to-date fuel price information

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