Just one month ago we reported that the use of an oil, gas or propane heater for your home won't be allowed in New York State in the near future. Those types of furnaces will be phased out of the Empire State and the process could start to take effect within 2 years. But wait, there's more.

Now you might not be allowed to have a gas stove either!

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According to the New York Post, On Tuesday, Governor Kathy Hochul has proposed to ban new gas stoves as part of the “New York Housing Compact”. With this proposal Hochul wants residents to get rid of their gas stove and go electric.

New York State is leading by example and setting in motion a bold agenda to promote energy affordability, reduce emissions, and invest in clean air and water. The first-in-the-nation Energy Affordability Guarantee will help hardworking families as we implement the nation’s most ambitious climate plans and chart a path to a cleaner, healthier New York for future generations. - Governor Hochul Photo by KWON JUNHO on Unsplash

Photo by Mykola Makhlai on Unsplash
Photo by Mykola Makhlai on Unsplash

Governor Hochul's proposal is not a done deal but if she gets her way there could be a ban in effect by 2030. That's just 7 years from now! How do New Yorkers feel about this? Here are some comments from social media.

  • "All part of their plan" - Danielle
  • "What's next? Eventually all your freedom is gone" - jpfxst
  • "It's ridiculous and unsustainable. Will ruin my small business." - windhamchamberny
  • "Try the GE electric stove. It's amazing" - salsachicny

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