The new ‘X Factor‘ judging panel has plenty of star power behind it — and so does one particular hopeful. KISS frontman Gene Simmons accompanied his daughter, Sophie, to the San Francisco auditions.

TMZ reports that Sophie told the judges she wanted a “fair shot.” “This isn’t about my dad,” Sophie said. “This is about my audition.” Well, alright then!

While some may say Sophie’s being hypocritical by bringing her dad with her to the audition then saying it’s not about him, that wasn’t her original plan. TMZ says that Sophie called Gene the night before and said she couldn’t spend Father’s Day with him because she was trying out for the Fox series. Gene then hopped on a private jet and made it to San Fran just in time to hear his little girl belt out some songs for the panel.

Sophie’s not the only famous spawn to try out for a Fox singing show. Actor Jim Carrey’s daughter, Jane, auditioned for ‘American Idol‘ last season. She was eliminated following the Hollywood rounds.

It’s unclear whether Sophie passed on to the next round, but it’s a safe bet that her audition will be a televised one. She’s a cute girl, so according to Simon Cowell, she may have had a hard time getting past “catty” judges Demi Lovato and Britney Spears.

What do you think of Sophie’s singing voice? Hear a preview of her vocals below and leave a comment.

Watch a Clip of Sophie Simmons Singing