There are different hugs for different occasions. But, no matter the situation, hugs are therapeutic. It's a proven scientific fact.

Monday, January 21, 2019 is a big day for hugs. It's National Hugging Day, started by a clergyman in Michigan. There are all sorts of different hugs. The emotional one I captured in the fall of 2018 (above) occurred as Beth dropped off her daughter Jill for her first day at college. Psychology website says there are nine different hugs. Here's what they all mean:

1. The hug from behind

Camila Cabelo sings about this type of hug in "Havana." It means a desire for intimacy and carries feelings of love. The person who ALWAYS uses this hug may have a problem with commitment OR they're afraid you're not into THEM.

2. The hug at the waist

This type of hugger trusts you and is happy to see you. But, these types of huggers may easily fall in and out of love in relationships.

3. The hug with a pat on the back

Friendship only.

4. The hug while looking into the eyes

A tender hug preceded by eye contact usually conveys deep feelings from the hugger for the hugged.

5. The “London Bridge” hug

Sometimes polite, sometimes awkward, as there's that odd space between you.

6. The one-handed hug

Usually a sign of protectiveness.

7. The naughty hug

May involve touches in some intimate areas. Translates into lust, not necessarily love, unless you're already in a strong relationship.

8. The strong hug

A sign of commitment.

9. The hug that lasts

Another expression of love. Hugs like this signify loyalty.

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