Amazon delivery drivers are unsung heroes of the holidays. They’re on the road constantly between Thanksgiving and Christmas to make sure presents get delivered safely and promptly. Every time you tap that two-day delivery button, an Amazon driver is there to make sure your presents make it in time.

If we leave tips for our USPS mail carriers, it makes sense to also tip Amazon drivers. Now, a holiday tipping push by the world’s largest retailer aims to put a few more dollars in their deliverers’ pockets with help from Alexa.

More Miles, More Money

Paul Hennessy/NurPhoto // Getty Images
Paul Hennessy/NurPhoto // Getty Images

In 2020, Amazon delivered 1.5 billion packages during the holiday season. The retail behemoth now ships more packages per year than FedEx. With Amazon’s delivery drivers working ungodly hard, especially during the holidays, the company introduced a limited time offer to push Alexa devices and give drivers an extra $5.

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Get our free mobile app estimates that Amazon delivery drivers’ average pay in New York is around $20.88 per hour. Based off August estimates, Amazon makes $53.5 million per hour.

Here's How To Tip Your Amazon Driver, Alexa Style

Amazon Anticipates Strong Holiday Shopping Season
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As of Wednesday, December 7, Amazon will give a $5 tip to your delivery driver if you tell your Alexa device, “Alexa, thank my driver.” This small bonus will be given to the first 1 million drivers to receive thanks. The five drivers that get the most thank yours get an additional $10,000 from the company. If you don’t have an Echo, you can still use the Alexa app for free.

The holiday tip window launched the same day that the District of Columbia attorney general filed a suit against Amazon for keeping tips that people would leave for drivers of the e-tailer’s PrimeNow two-hour delivery service and Amazon Fresh grocery delivery. Last year the FTC made Amazon pay $61.7 million in diverted tips to 140,000 drivers.

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