A new year allows you to have a new beginning if you want one. If 2019 was overly tough for you, then maybe you need a restart in 2020. If you and your partner struggled this year, here is how you can give your relationship a fresh start.

  • Kiss for at least six seconds at midnight which is how long it takes to release the hormone oxytocin, which is the 'bonding' hormone that allows us to feel emotionally attached to the person that we're kissing. In 2020, try to make this part of your daily routine with your partner.
  • Learn each other's love languages as these are the ways you and your partner can tell one another how much you care for each other. You may love being told how much your partner loves you, but maybe your partner needs you to do chores around the house as your sign of love to them. How you show love, and how they receive love could be different, and you need to figure these things out in order to have success in your relationship.
  • Create a plan for the year ahead with the holidays if you have to split them up between families, or if you want to take a weekend away once or twice. Plan and anticipate what you and your partner want to do and get done in 2020. Communication is the key to relationship success!

2020 could be the best year of your relationship's life, you just need to be proactive and plan ahead!

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