After spending what seemed like an entire summer of promos featuring Kate Hudson's 'Glee' season 4 character Cassandra July torture Rachel Berry, the time is almost upon us for the FOX musical hit's fourth year to drop its other big guest star on us: 'Sex and the City's Sarah Jessica Parker!  Playing Isabelle Wright, Kurt's new boss, fashion guru and editor of, check out the first look at SJP making her official debut in a new clip from "Makeover!"

Try though they might have to hide her, the cat is finally out of the bag as Sarah Jessica Parker prepares for her big 'Glee' debut in this Thursday's all-new episode "Makeover."  While other clips certainly seem to have Parker's 'Glee' character Isabelle Wright in different spirits, the below clip shows the fashionista nothing but smiles as she greets her new intern Kurt, and appraises his own fashion sense.

But that isn't the only clip we've uncovered from Thursday's all-new 'Glee,' as the FOX series has also released the full Sam/Brittany performance of Hole's "Celebrity Skin," as the pair gear up for student elections!  Somehow, we gather this isn't what Courtney Love had in mind when she penned the hit.

You can check out both clips below, and let us know what you think in the comments!  Will more wayward 'Glee' stars show their faces this week?  And what's the deal with Brody and Rachel, while we're at it?

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