As the Buffalo Bills prepare for their second playoff game this weekend, the question on everyone's minds is how big of an impact Saturday's weather will have on the game's outcome.

As of Wednesday afternoon, The Weather Channel is forecasting cloudy skies and temperatures in the low 30s for Saturday night. There's also a 60 percent chance for anywhere between one to three inches of snow around gametime, though.

While a little snow wouldn't normally cause any sort of concern for true Buffalonians, there seems to be a bit of unease in the air now that the Bills are in the playoffs.

One source of hope came from an interview with Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson earlier this week, when he admitted he has "zero experience" playing football in snowy conditions.

"I never got to play in the snow, except for my first time seeing the snow in Louisville, but we had a snowball fight, so that's totally different than playing [football] in it," Jackson said. "That will definitely be my first time playing football in the snow on Saturday, if it does. Hopefully it don't."

Ravens guard Bradley Bozeman also said that he's never played football in the snow, and hopes his first time holds off just a little bit longer.

"Big guys in slippery situations is not always a good thing, so we're gonna hope--I'm gonna hope--for no snow," Bozeman said. "But if it snows, we're gonna have to adjust and we'll have to go from there."

6,700 fans will be allowed in Bills Stadium for the second playoff game, as long as they provide negative COVID tests prior to the game and follow all health and safety guidelines.

If you're planning on watching from home, the game will start at 8:15 p.m. EST this Saturday on NBC.

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