Governor Andrew Cuomo traveled across the state on Saturday to warn people of the dangers ahead from Winter Storm Harper. One of his stops was in Utica.

A number of local officials including Congressman Anthony Brindisi, Rome Mayor Jackie Izzo, Utica Mayor Rob Palmieri, County Executive Anthony Picente and Senator Joe Griffo stood along side the governor as he spoke of the seriousness of the storm.

Cuomo remarked on the fact that this storm is especially dangerous because it involves a large amount of snowfall and wind chill factors, which combined can wreak havoc. He also commended the men and women of the DOT and local Departments of Public Works in advance of the long hours ahead of them.

When asked if he had any fears Governor Cuomo replied that he was afraid the storm could be bad enough to cause a loss of life. He hopes no family has to hear the news of a loved one dying as a result of this storm.

He announced steps to help keep roadways safe and clear including a ban on travel for buses and tractor-trailers. He also reminded people to not travel unless it is absolutely necessary. He also asked the residents of the state to please let professionals do their jobs.

After addressing the room, Mayor Rob Palmieri of Utica and Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente made their own remarks. Picente reminded people to check on loved ones who may be elderly or have limited mobility.

The Winter Storm Warning remains in effect until Sunday at 4:00 p.m.

Cuomo In Utica Ahead Of Harper

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