'Guardians of the Galaxy' has already begun screening for press and the early word is that it's good, lives up to the hype, is the kind of movie that 'Star Wars' prequels should have been and so on and so forth. And that's all well and good, but this is a Marvel Studios movie so we have one big question: what about the 'Guardians of the Galaxy' post-credits scene?

Well, no one can help up out there because the post-credits tag wasn't attached to any advance screenings, and there will be no tag when the film has its official premiere tonight.

Marvel Studios and Disney are hiding this little scene (whatever it is) until the film actually hits theaters and fans are in the seats.

Director James Gunn, whose Facebook page and Twitter feed is a buffet of Marvel-y goodness, confirmed this news:

One bit of business for those of you going to the premiere tonight: There WILL be a tag at the end of the credits on Guardians of the Galaxy, but it won't be playing tonight, just as it hasn't been playing on the press screenings. It's something we're saving for people who go see the movie on the first day in theaters around the world.

So there is a teaser that will play after the credits have rolled, but Marvel doesn't want anyone seeing it in advance. There's one obvious conclusion we can jump to here: a new character will show up in the tag and Marvel doesn't want us to know who he or she is yet. After all, Marvel is expected to make some pretty huge announcements at Comic-Con later this week and this tag could spoil something big. For all we know, they've already cast their Captain Marvel or their Doctor Strange and have filmed a tiny scene with them and they just want to keep it under wraps until Comic Con is in the rear view mirror. Heck, it could be an 'Ant-Man' related scene for all we know!

So, if you're a hardcore Marvel zombie and you get a chance to see the film early, just know that you'll have to trek back to the theater to see whatever this mysterious tease is. Look at what Marvel has done to us: they say jump and we ask how high.

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