Did you know that there's a pretty unique Halloween attraction waiting for you near Buffalo? A haunted tour and underground boat ride. Sounds amazing right?

The Lockport Cave and Underground Boat Ride near Buffalo offers the public an exciting guided tour where you'll explore Erie Canal Locks constructed in 1842. Check out some of the amazing photos below to see what it's all about. This Halloween season you can enjoy the walking lantern tour too.

Join us outside and underground for an 70-minute guided walking lantern tour. Your tour guide will lead you by lantern light along the dark waters of the Erie Canal, telling you folklore, tales and hair raising stories as you prepare to enter the forbidden tunnels and caves under Lockport."

The Halloween experience at the cave has been around for over 40 years. It's so cool that it was featured on the Ghost Hunters show. According to their website, admission is $27.55 for adults, for kids ages 6-14 it's $18.42, and children 5 and under are $7.35. That's not including taxes.

There are a couple different rules for the tour including:


The Boat Ride is included as part of the Cave Tour and cannot be taken alone.
Our Tour is not handicapped accessible.
The Tour includes roughly 70 stairs with 3 landings.
The Tour is guided at a leisurely stop and go pace lasting approximately 70 minutes.
Walking shoes are recommended.
Strollers cannot be used underground.
Animals are not allowed on the tour.
We are a non-smoking facility.
Carrying of purses, backpacks and wearing of heavy clothing or sandals by visitors is prohibited.
Cameras are permitted.
Group rates are available for 20 or more.*
School Tours of the Lockport Cave and the Erie Canal Lockport Locks can be custom designed to meet the needs of your class.*

Their Facebook page has lots of info too. The cave is 55 degrees year-round, so you can factor that into your choice of apparel.

As one of the most unique experiences on the Erie Canal or in all America, your tour is guided at a leisurely stop and go pace and is primarily a walking tour that includes stairs. Comfortable walking shoes are recommended. Lockport Cave & Underground Boat Ride is not currently handicapped accessible."

And now for amazing photos from the cave and tours:

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The Lockport Cave and Underground Boat Ride near Buffalo offers the public an exciting guided tour where you'll explore Erie Canal Locks constructed in 1842. Check out these amazing photos.

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