Have you gotten a random text recently? There is a lot of reason to be suspicious, that text might be a scam.

It seems as the years go on, scams get more and more devious. Sure, a lot of scams will still take place over the phone where scammers will pitch you so well on a scam to where you bite. Now you can be targeted even without answering those calls.

The new scam happening is a prime example. The BBB (Better Business Bureau) is warning of a scam where someone will send what seemingly looks to be an innocent mistake over text. They will act as if they have chatted with you before on Tinder. From there they will ask if you're free to meet up with them being back in town now. This is where you just have to ignore it. If you do respond, they are going to attempt their sales pitch. On the other end of the phone via text is not a person. It is what is identified as a chatbot.

Another reason not to reply is that the first text is literally the test. A test to see if the number is active. If you respond, they will know it is indeed active and they will bombard you after that point. The BBB has laid out how to best prevent the scam from happening to you. As noted above, don't respond, but also block the number that sent the text immediately. Also, keep that personal information extremely private. That is what they are in search of, credit card numbers and personal information that could lead to identity theft.

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