Most of the time, the subject of a billboard is obvious: the Utica Comets, a local gym, or something else. But what is this billboard talking about?

This one appeared on Burrstone Road in Utica, next to Murnane Field. Another - along the Arterial says "This Billboard Deserves an Award."

What the heck?

Is it advertising the billboards themselves?  Nope.

Turns out the billboards are promoting the Golden Globe-winning film Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri - about a mother who posts billboards in her town directed at the local police chief after her daughter's murder remains unsolved.

Here's the funny thing: the movie isn't currently showing anywhere near here - unless you want to drive out to the Great Northern Mall in Clay, NY.

Since the film took home 4 Golden Globe Awards, maybe the billboards are directed at Academy Award voters...who live in Utica. Yeah, I guess not. 

Clever billboards...but what's the point?




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