Have you seen a mini snowmobile with a purple hood? One family in Canastota is trying to find a stolen sled.

On a viral Facebook post, Krista Musacchio is asking Central New York's help in finding a stolen sled:

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP US FIND THIS.... My father built this sled from ground up for his grand daughter and my youngest, miss Mia.... SOMEONE CAME ONTO MY PROPERTY AND STOLE IT. It is a mini snowmobile with a purple hood. Stolen from Carter Rd, Canastota."

If anyone has any information, please contact The Canastota Village Police Department at (315) 697-8888.

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What Is A Mini Snowmobile?

Snowmobiling first gained success by being a family sport. As snowmobile.com words it, "That meant everyone—from dad and mom down to sis and junior." Many mini snowmobiles are designed for kids up to 8 years old.

The little sleds are designed to look like the sports sleds these kids would see on the trail, or in their family garage. They look sporty with bright graphics. Polaris has a ‘girly-girl’ choice in pink with white flames as contrast to the little guys black with white flames color option. Cat lets kids choose between Cat green or orange. Ski-Doo is yellow. Why not?"

Early snowmobiles used simple rubber tracks, but modern snowmobiles' tracks are usually made of a Kevlar composite construction. Originally, snowmobiles were powered by two-stroke gasoline internal combustion engines and since the mid-2000s four-stroke engines have also entered the market. Snowmobiles have been around since 1911.

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